Volvo Transporter/Crane

22nd June 2018

Callsign Bay Mobile 3, A Volvo FH12 custom built recovery truck with a400bhp engine, used for Hagglund transport, but also for specialist heavy rescue work.

It is fitted with an extra long slide bed so any type of vehicle can be loaded safely, plus a long reach crane, heavy duty winch and spec. lift.

It also has towing capability for an HGV trailer which could then allow us to mobilise all four of our Hagglunds on our three trucks for deployment anywhere we are requested.

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard (coastal rescue) or Fire & Rescue (land rescue).

For advice call the Team Duty Officer on the 24/7 Direct Number: 0300 999 0333 and if required we will inform the appropriate service.