Our fleet

Hagglund 1

Our first Hagglund BV206D, an 18 seat personnel carrier, specially modified for our requirements and fitted with a range of rescue and safety features and equipment. Based at our Flookburgh Station.

Hagglund 2

Our load carrier variant, can handle a 2 ton payload in its cargo carriage plus 6 crew in the front carriage, and has a hydraulic hiab crane to allow us to self load anywhere. Based at Bolton-le-Sands Fire Station in partnership with Lancashire Fire and Rescue.

Hagglund 3

Joined us in 2012 after we acquired it from the National Air Traffic Service. This is an 18 seater personnel carrier which is based at Arnside Fire Station to support Cumbria Fire and Rescue and HM Coastguard.

Hagglund 4

Our latest acquisition purchased in late 2016 and currently undergoing a full refit, Hagglund 4 will be based at at our Fleet workshop in Milnthorpe so has easy access to the M6 by transporter. It will also be used as a pool vehicle when one of the others needs servicing.

help us to expand our fleet of vital rescue vehicles
Toyota Hilux 4×4

Callsign Bay Mobile 1, is based at Flookburgh, Cumbria.

For general use as well as rapid transportation of personnel and their PPE further afield we have two 4x4s. These are also carry medical equipment and can used as ambulances if seated casualties require evacuation from an off road situation where the Hagglund is not required.

Toyota Hilux 4×4

Callsign Bay Mobile 2, is based at Milnthorpe, Cumbria.

​Both 4x4s carry all the ropes, pulleys, throwlines and PPE equipment that our Swift Water Rescue Technicians require for river and flood operations. They also carry specific equipment for quicksand rescue and are fitted with VHF radio, mobile phone and OS Satnav.

Land Rover Discovery 3

Callsign Bay Mobile 3, the Discovery is based at Milnthorpe workshop, Cumbria.

It is mainly used as a backup response vehicle and to provide cover when the primary vehicles are being serviced

​It is also used to tow our events trailer and Flood Rescue Airboat

DAF Transporter

We use our DAF truck, callsign ‘BAY Mobile 6’, as a means of deploying our Hagglunds inland as part of our role as an All Terrain Rescue Unit for Cumbria Fire and Rescue & Lancashire Fire and Rescue. These 28ft 18 tonne DAF CF65-220 Box Trucks have specially designed hydraulic tail ramps and raised roof heights, to allows us to easily and quickly load and transport a Hagglund quickly to any incidents in the Lake District or Lancashire areas. Once on scene we are able to use the Trucks as welfare or command units (or at least get out of the rain!).

Volvo Transporter/Crane

Callsign Bay Mobile 5, A Volvo FH12 custom built recovery truck with a400bhp engine, used for Hagglund transport, but also for specialist heavy rescue work.

It is fitted with an extra long slide bed so any type of vehicle can be loaded safely, plus a long reach crane, heavy duty winch and spec. lift.

It also has towing capability for an HGV trailer which could then allow us to mobilise all four of our Hagglunds on our three trucks for deployment anywhere we are requested.

Arancia Inflatables

We operate two Arancia A380 inflatable rescue boats with 30hp Tohatsu Surf Rescue spec 2-stroke outboards purchased with a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, both are stored on road trailers ready for fast deployment.

The team has a number of qualified Rescue Boat operators, the vast majority of the team are Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 3 trained, and have been trained in Rescue from vehicles in water. We also have two senior officers trained as Level 5 Flood Incident Managers.

SAR Airboat

Our long term project! After many years development we launched our custom designed SAR and Flood Rescue airboat. Airboats similar to this are extensively used by US Coastguard and SAR teams, and proved themselves in the evacuation of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. An airboat has no moving parts on or below the water level so can operate in 1″ of water or even dry ground. Flood water can often be too shallow for boats to operate and has lots of debris that can foul propellors.

We purchased this secondhand when it was fitted with 9 seats and have systematically replaced everything but the hull and rudders as we have rebuilt it for our purposes.

Rescue Paths

Technically watercraft as well, we have a number of inflatable rescue pathways which we primarily use for working from on unstable surfaces such as mud and quicksand.

They are also stable enough to walk on when floating on water, so can also be used in flood situations for various jobs as they can towed, man handled or even be paddled in a similar way to a canoe. We also have a specially designed inflatable rescue stretcher.