Assisting with a Beach Cleanup – 2008

21st June 2018

At Sandgate working with Morecambe Bay Partnership volunteers, over 2 tonnes of rubbish removed including full barrels of tallow!

Swift Water Rescue Training – 2008

21st June 2018

In the river Kent at Sedgewick, and Gunpowder Rapids.

Misc photos – 2008

21st June 2018

Holker Show, Our newly completed training room at the Station, our new (to us) Landrover courtesy of Penrith Mountain Rescue etc

Our new Hagglund (No 2) – 2008

21st June 2018

We finally found a new Cargo Hagglund, with the bonus of a 2500kg HiAb crane.

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard (coastal rescue) or Fire & Rescue (land rescue).

For advice call the Team Duty Officer on the 24/7 Direct Number: 0300 999 0333 and if required we will inform the appropriate service.