Porpoise strands itself at Silverdale

8th April 2015

Enroute back from the first callout of the day at the Moorland Fire at Darwen we were tasked by British Divers Marine Life Rescue and HMCG to check out a stranded 1.5m 80Kg Porpoise at Jenny Browns Point, SIlverdale at 18:35hrs. Despite the efforts of the local residents to refloat it, the porpoise unfortunately died shortly before our Hagglund got there, so we used the crane to lift it onto the vehicle and it will be passed on to investigators for a post mortem. Team finally stood down after cleaning vehicles at 22:45hrs. A long day…

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard (coastal rescue) or Fire & Rescue (land rescue).

For advice call the Team Duty Officer on the 24/7 Direct Number: 0300 999 0333 and if required we will inform the appropriate service.