“NPORS” Lorry Loader Certification

27th April 2014

We would like to thank both John Rooney and the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) for their generosity in donating the training and cost of registration of the NPORS certification to our team.


Trained & Delivered by John Rooney

BSAR have a number of Hiabs and lorry loaders, and due to their increasing use in the wide ranging incidents which we attend, we felt it necessary to undertake some formally recognised training and certification. So with a kind offer from Mr John Rooney, a long time serving heavy plant trainer operator (and long time supporter of BSAR) a date for training was set. John offered his services for free as we are all unpaid volunteers at BSAR and he knows and understands the great work the team does, both locally and on a National level.

From here John went out of his way and gave the whole team a presentation on the use of Hiabs and slings to give us even more information and insight in training on our equipment. Our 7 team members  were then trained up on the lorry loader NPORS tests at our base. John kindly spent a number of days with all 7, training and making sure we were all up to his and also NPORS standard.

We would like to thank John Rooney and NPORS for their very kind donations, and look forward to working with them both again soon.

From the Station Officer

“it was great to see John again as the last time we met, was on the Judo Matt quite a few years ago” ” I’m still recovering”

“you can’t buy the experience John delivers and its great to know we have an expert as a supporter of our organisation. I would encourage anyone who requires training from an expert in the field to contact John and not only get all the right accredited training, but a wealth of problem solving knowledge and experience as a bonus”

Thanks John

Gary Parsons – Station Officer, BSAR

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