Seal rescue 50 miles inland!

12th January 2014

Not something you see every day… The Marine Mammal Medics we have on the Bay SAR team were called out by British Divers Marine Life Rescue on Sunday 12 Jan to recover a young grey seal who had been seen in a stream near Milburn, in-between Penrith and Appleby, about 50 miles upriver from the sea, and about 1 mile from the Pennine way!!

On arrival it was nowhere to be seen, so a bankside search was done by the Flood Rescue trained team members back downstream towards the River Eden 5 miles away. With no sightings and at dusk the search was called off and the team set off back to base over an hour away.

At Kendal a call was received to say the seal had been seen, unbelievably, further upstream. So we turned around and went back – in the dark. The seal was happily swimming in deep water and proved a challenge to catch, they are surprisingly aggressive and bite anything they can! But it was safely caught and then after checking and with the authorisation of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue advisors and the assistance of Furness Coastguard it was released off Walney Island back into the sea late in the evening.

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard (coastal rescue) or Fire & Rescue (land rescue).

For advice call the Team Duty Officer on the 24/7 Direct Number: 0300 999 0333 and if required we will inform the appropriate service.