Entire team worked through weekend in Snows

25th March 2013

408 Man hours (and lady hours) was put in by the team over the weekend. Over 300 litres of fuel used, in total we had 7 vehicles in Millom at different points 2 Hagglunds, 2 Land Rovers, 2 DAF Trucks to transport the Hagglunds and the team minibus/ambulance to bring in and out relief crews. The team ‘lived’ in Millom Fire station (hard floors!) and worked alongside Duddon and Furness MRT to bring out over 70 people from the A595 near Bootle, some had been trapped in their cars for many hours. The Hagglunds were the only vehicles capable of getting through to cars around Bootle, and at one point there were 24 people in Hagglund 3! The worst weather we have seen in the Lakes. Check out more¬†photos in our galleries.

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard (coastal rescue) or Fire & Rescue (land rescue).

For advice call the Team Duty Officer on the 24/7 Direct Number: 0300 999 0333 and if required we will inform the appropriate service.